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Tan puppy sings, “Bark the Herald Angels Sing”. ℗

Tan puppy sings, “Bark the Herald Angels Sing”. ℗

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10" Tan puppy with fleece plaid cap, holding a stocking in his mouth. Ears wiggle up and down and head sways while singing, “Bark the Herald Angels Sing”. ℗

This 10” Tan Puppy Plush Toy wears a Winter Plaid Fleece cap with Red Christmas Stocking in his mouth. His ears wiggle up and down as he sings “Bark the Herald Angels Sing.

Feel the spirit of the by having this Gifts and Tees Tan Puppy as a gift to yourself or to your loved ones.


  • Animated and musical with great sound quality
  • Batteries included
  • Includes single on/off button feature

*** PLEASE NOTE: These Cannot Be Shipped To PO Boxes!

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