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12" Barney the Beagle

12" Barney the Beagle - walks and talks and is super excited you are home.

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12" Barney the Beagle walks and talks and is super excited you are home. He just can't wait to tell you all about his day--and asks about yours--in his darling, happy puppy voice.

So awesome 12" Barney the Beagle! Just like a real dog, this animated dog will walk and wiggle his tail in excitement when you get home. He is super excited to tell you how his day was and would even ask about yours in his charming puppy voice. You will be delighted to have Gifts and Tees 12" Barney the Beagle for yourself or give it as a gift to any of your loved one.


  • batteries included
  • easy on/off switch
  • musical/animated

*** PLEASE NOTE: These Cannot Be Shipped To PO Boxes!

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