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12" Buddy the Golden Puppy

12" Buddy the Golden Puppy- Sings and Sways to "Count On Me"

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12" Buddy the Golden Puppy, a cuddly puppy with a special message for special people. His head sways, mouth moves and tail wags while singing, “Count on Me”.℗

Oh so Charismatic and Huggable Golden Retriever! This 12” Buddy the Golden Puppy has a beautiful message to special people. So entertaining as he can sing while his head sways, mouth moves and tail wags. This Gifts and Tees Brown Singing Buddy, the Golden Puppy, is a perfect gift for the young (and young at heart too!).


  • Animated and musical with great sound quality
  • Batteries included
  • Includes single on/off button feature

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