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Law Enforcement Custom Made Thin Blue Line Necklace

Law Enforcement Custom Made Thin Blue Line Necklace

  • $49.99 USD


Your unique handmade Custom Law Enforcement Thin Blue Line Cross Necklace is made of nails, twisted wire, and cord which all symbolize what our Savior endured. Each necklace comes with an outreach card which includes the meaning of materials, a message, and a prayer. This beautiful necklace is handmade in the USA. 

  • The Nails – Represents the spikes driven into His hands and feet.
  • The Cord – Represents the whips that were used on Him
  • The Twisted Wire – Represents the thorn branches twisted into a crown and placed on His head to mock the King of Kings.

• Adjustable Fit
• Very Durable & Washable cord
• Small Cross 1 1/4 Inches Tall
• Original Cross 1 1/2 Inches Tall
• 99% Pure Copper Wire Core & Non Tarnish Coating
• Lead & Nickel Free
• Handmade In USA

We want you to love your new necklace, so it is made with precision craftsmanship and attention to detail from start to finish.

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