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To The World My Daughter Is Just a Firefighter Statement Shirt

  • $22.95 USD

It takes a special person to stand on the Thin Red Line everyday. Brave men and women risk everything on a daily basis, and sometimes seeing loved ones stand up and show us support is just the thing we need.

Be Proud and wear this Gifts and Tees Firefighter shirts and hoodies.

This Graphic Shirt has a print that says “To the Word my Daughter is just a Firefighter but to me That Firefighter is my World.” A perfect gift to any Firefighter Parent.

Please Note: The design is on the FRONT of the shirts and hoodies. 

Available in different styles, colors and sizes. 

To get a perfect-fitting shirt, please View Sizing Chart

Please note, these are custom made and can take up to 4 weeks for your order to arrive.